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Tamaki has been a trusted and successful company in Japan for over 50 years.
We are a leader in the field of neckwear for uniforms used by government agencies, private companies, and schools.

President’s Message


Thanks to the support of our customers, Tamaki Corporation has been a leading company in the design, manufacture, and sale of uniform-based neckwear since 1955.

The world is confronted with the need for crucial solutions to global warming and other environmental problems. At the same time, we must also deal with a worldwide financial crisis. Both of these issues are arguably the greatest crises humankind has ever faced. We at Tamaki asked ourselves how we as a company could accept responsibility and do our part to make a positive difference.

Our answer has been to create a closed-loop recycling system that recovers used neckwear and utilizes the technology at the Matsuyama Plant operated by Teijin Fibers Ltd. to create new fibers that can be used to manufacture new neckwear. In this way, we have reduced CO2 gas emissions by eliminating the processes of discarding and burning old neckwear. Tamaki is unique in this achievement of total recycling within the neckwear field.

In response to President Obama’s call for a Green New Deal, nations around the world have begun to formulate a wide array of environmental policies.

We at Tamaki believe it is our responsibility to reduce, if only by a little, the damage that is being done to the environment, while promoting economic development through the use of our closed-loop recycling system.

All of us at Tamaki are committed to continuing our efforts to fulfill our corporate responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society.

Company Name Tamaki Co.,Ltd.
Established 1955
Capital 20 million yen
Head Offices Koyo Building, 1-6 Mutsumi-cho,
Kanagawa 232-0041, Japan
Phone: +81-45-720-1186 Fax: +81-45-720-1205
Fiscal Year End November 30

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